Scotland: Gingers by Kieran Dodds

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Calum McCruden, 21, Student of Applied Maths, from Glasgow.<br />
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'If it's really really sunny, it's vibrant ginger but in the winter time it's a darker colour. It changes with the seasons. The long hair I have had for the last 5 years. It's really warm during winter but it's a bit of a hassle to deal with sometimes. Useful at gigs for friends to spot me in the crowd.'  <br />
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'I went to my first metal gig when I was in third year at high school and saw some people head banging and thought Oh, I want to do that!. Long hair also saves a fortune on hair cuts, it used to be down to my waist. I have been growing it for 6 years, got 6 inches cut off a few months ago. I have been told since [that] if I had kept the cuttings it will be worth a lot of money for use in wigs, especially if you cut it long.'<br />
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'You get noticed by the oppostie sex, really odd. You start chatting about hair care products. Strangest line of conversation, I would never have this conversation with a dude but with you its fine. Eventually it almost always goes onto hair care products. I have been on nights out before where I have had random people come up and braid my hair. So I just sit there while they do it.'<br />
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'When you are starting off you need to do it for short intervals. Head-banging is just moving your head up and down or in a circle and if you have short hair it looks nice. I have clashed heads with people and seen them on the floor and been like I am so sorry. I can do it for long periods of time, up and down I can do forever. Round and round I can only do it for a minute of two.'<br />
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'Every ginger person I have met is really quite nice. Generally they are nice people. I feel more Scottish being ginger. You get people trying weegie (Glasgow) accents when you are on holiday. Once I graduate I would shave my beard but I would try and keep it long for as long as possible.'