Scotland: Gingers by Kieran Dodds

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Stewart Black, 9, Glasgow<br />
I was born in Glasgow, both side of the family have red hair. Mum says its red not ginger because ginger is a spice<br />
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I have more confidence, maybe getting teased made me stronger. people touch my head and say “oh it burns!” and call me volcano head but most of my friends support Celtic so thats ok.  I got teased at school but then I reminded them Neil Lennon (Celtic FC manager) is red and they stopped it. Others ask '"Why is your hair that colour?  Do you drink a lot of Irn-Bru?".<br />
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Mum says its very helpful to find me in a crowd. No-one in my year with red hair which we get trouble, I am easy to spot.<br />
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I think it makes me faster at running than my friends and better at stuff than others.  it gives me strength!<br />
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In India people took pictures of me, they said Mohammed had red hair.