Scotland: Gingers by Kieran Dodds

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Kirsty Steven, 45,  Environmental health officer, from Perth.<br />
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'Luckily, I have never had a problem with bullying but more problems with my mum. She didn't like two girls with red hair and kept it short if possible.'  <br />
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'Really?, she would say you can’t wear that colour, it will clash with your hair! My wardrobe looks like a bruise - black, blue, olive and green.'  <br />
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'I didn’t like the freckles on the skin and would put lemon juice on it to get rid of them. I was always the palest person on holiday - like a translucent baby fish.'<br />
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'It's hard for people to dye their hair red, it just doesn't look right. They look embarrassed like they haven't quite made it! I feel more and more its part of my identity.  At work if I am meeting someone I say I have long red hair and sit by the window, it's my key identifying feature. The thought of going white is not nice. You will lose part of your identity. Being red makes you makes you feel patriotic in some ways.'