Scotland: Gingers by Kieran Dodds

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Gregor Larmour,16, school pupil, from Kilmarnock.<br />
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'I call it gingerish blonde. I used to call it strawberry blonde but thats not very manly. If they think its ginger then its ginger. People called it ginger if they were bullies or trying to wind me up.'<br />
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'I can't imagine a disadvantage. In Italy they haven’t seen many ginger people so on a school trip some guy was shouting Guy with orange hair!. My teacher translated for me. I was the only ginger guy in my year at school, it is not common, perhaps 10% in school.'<br />
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'Mum says I fire up quickly in an argument, she says my hair colour matches my temper. It's the picture of traditional angry ginger Scot.' <br />
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'My mum is blonde and father was in your face ginger like the 'see-you-jimmy' hats before he went bald. My wee brother is. We say my wee sister is adopted because she is brown.'