Russia's railway Doctors by William Daniels

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The Matvei Mudrov train travelling through the taiga at night. It usually travels during the night and is then ready for service in the morning in one of the hundreds of villages along the route of the Baikal Amur Magistral (BAM) railway. <br />
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The Matvei Mudrov train is a medical train operated by Russian Railways along the course of the Baikal Amur Magistral (Baikal-Amur Mainline, or BAM) railway line. Named after a famous 19th century Russian physician, the train employs around 15 doctors who make about 10 trips a year, each lasting two weeks. Along the way they deliver essential medical services to people living in remote villages along the 4,324 km long BAM railway. Though not equipped to carry out surgical procedures the train has heart monitors, ultrasound and x-ray machines to deliver diagnosis.