One Meal A Day by Chris de Bode

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A stick of red maize. <br />
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Due to conflict in the surrounding districts the height of crops growing along the region's roadsides has been restricted to one metre in order to deny cover to armed groups. Furthermore, the distribution of fertiliser, sometimes used as an ingredient for explosives, is also banned. These edicts have limited the production of most staple foods, such as millet, sorghum and maize, in the region.<br />
The extreme north of Cameroon is suffering a food shortage exacerbated by climate change and conflict with Boko Haram. Fighting has spread across the borders from Nigeria into the countries of the Lake Chad region creating a refugee and famine crisis. Once an intrepid tourist destination boasting Waza national park, the extreme north of Cameroon now hosts people fleeing violence housed in unnamed refugee camps where they are lucky if they manage to get a single meal each day.<br />