One Meal A Day by Chris de Bode

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A small bag of niebe beans (black-eyed peas) tucked into a crack in a wall at the home of Ache, an 80 year old grandmother living with her four daughters and their children in their small rented home. Ache's village was attacked in the night and all the men in their family were taken away or killed. They now beg to try and gather enough for one meal a day, but sometimes even that is not possible.  <br />
The extreme north of Cameroon is suffering a food shortage exacerbated by climate change and conflict with Boko Haram. Fighting has spread across the borders from Nigeria into the countries of the Lake Chad region creating a refugee and famine crisis. Once an intrepid tourist destination boasting Waza national park, the extreme north of Cameroon now hosts people fleeing violence housed in unnamed refugee camps where they are lucky if they manage to get a single meal each day.