One Meal A Day by Chris de Bode

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Ibrahim Sanda, Chief of the village of Sarki, hosts nineteen women and children at his home in the extreme-north of Cameroon. <br />
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Ibrahim Sanda is one of the many residents of Mokolo who have opened their doors and welcomed people who have fled the conflict. His guests are from two different families from a town about 20 miles away near the border with Nigeria. Although residents give them rice, adults only eat once a day and children eat twice, with porridge in the morning. Only two boys from the families go to school because it's too expensive. <br />
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'It’s important that people know they can come here with this security situation. Since August 2014 people have been running here with the attacks on their villages. There was no assistance for these people, so we brought them into our house. We take care of the people. There are no international NGOs here. <br />
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'The concern is about peace. We need peace where they’ve come from. We give the fees for school for some of the children and every time I can, food for the families. The children are malnourished because the mothers do not have any livelihoods, they just depend on the assistance that they receive and it’s not a lot and that's why most of the children have malnutrition here. The majority of children in Mokolo are suffering from malnutrition and health problems. Nobody knows what kind of future we have.<br />
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'If you see people you can assist, you have to do that with money or the means that you have. It’s normal for me to help these people. In the past I had one bag of maize to feed myself and my family, now with all these people I need three bags of maize and it’s quite difficult for me. The costs are increasing. I need more money to support all these people.'