One Meal A Day by Chris de Bode

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Ramata Modou, 58, holds a meal of ground red maize, white rice and crushed mango leaves. This will be the only food she and her six children will eat today. It was gathered by begging from house to house in a village near the IDP camp where they live and where Ramata is the appointed leader. <br />
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During an attack on her village, on the border with Nigeria, Ramata Modou's husband suffered a heart attack and her 17 year old daughter and grandchild were taken. Following the attack Ramata and her children, aged from five to 16 years old, fled their village, eventually arriving in Meme, where, for the first two months, they all slept under trees. <br />
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Ramata says: 'When the fighters came into the village, my husband started shaking and trembling. He was holding his head. When they arrived, one man was standing at the door with a gun. Another one put his leg on my mattress and the other one was pulling my daughter. My daughter was screaming and I was screaming, but they didn't hit me. Leaving my village was very difficult. We used to own cattle and sheep, but we had to leave all of those things behind. We had no choice, we had to leave. Even the roofs of some of the houses have now been stolen.'