Northern Ireland: Men and My Daddy by Adam Patterson

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A photograph showing Tommy and friends inside the Maze prison marching on the 12th July. 'The Twelfth' (also known as Orangemen's Day) which celebrates the 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688 (when Protestant king William III ascended the English throne) and the Battle of the Boyne (when William III defeated the catholic claimant James on the east coast of Ireland) is celebrated each year on the 12th of July. (The Maze prison, on the site of a former Royal Airforce station of Long Kesh on the outskirts of Lisburn in Northern Ireland was used during the Troubles (a period of intercommunal violence and strife which lasted for approximately 3 decades from the 1960s to 1998, when the Good Friday Agreement ended outright hostilities) to house paramilitary prisoners. It was closed in 2000 and partly demolished.).