Myanmars Elephants by Ko Myo

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Suffering from severe diarrhoea after being abandoned by her mother and fed cheap artificial milk-powders  by the villagers, the weakened 20-day-old orphaned calf Mi Chaw wanders around the house of vet Dr. Myo Min Aung who now looks after her.<br />
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20 days before  a group of bamboo cutters working in the jungle of Nga Pu Taw  heard a wild elephant screaming nearby. Not wishing to accidentally run into a wild elephant they chased it away from where they were working.  It is becoming increasingly common for elephants and other wildlife  to come very close to villages  in Myanmar's forests as a result of deforestation caused by decades of industrial logging. In this case they realised too late that they had chased away a pregnant mother to be  who gave birth and left her newborn calf.   The workers reported this to Dr Mhyo Min Aung the vet a the local Myanmar timber enterprise who agreed to look after her.