Myanmars Elephants by Ko Myo

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Suffering from severe diarrhea, the orphaned Mi Chaw attempts to climb into the house of vet Dr Myo Min Aung, who was looking after her . She can only take a few steps with the help of her new guardian. A group of bamboo cutters working in the jungle heard a wild elephant screaming near their work site. Afraid of a possible encounter, they made noises to chase it away. It is not unusual for wild elephants to come very close to human territory in Myanmar's forests due to deforestation from decades of industrial logging and plantations. Too late, they realised they had scared away a female elephant who had just given birth, leaving her newborn calf behind. Feeling sorry for the newborn, the villagers called Dr Myo Min Aung, a member of the EERU (Elephant Emergency Response Unit). He named the baby elephant Mi Chaw ('Beautiful Girl') and took care of her as if she were his own daughter.