Motherhood in Sierra Leone by Aubrey Wade

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Kroo Bay, Freetown, Sierra Leone...Story on child and maternal health in the Kroo Bay slum community in Freetown, Sierra Leone, which has the World's worst infant and maternal mortalitly rates. One in 4 children die before they reach the age of 5 and one in 6 mothers dies during child birth (in the UK, the rate is one in 3,800)...The Kroo Bay Community Health Centre has a catchment area of over 8,000 people but lacks adequate facilites to provide even basic care. The clinic lacks even the basics, such as bedpans, surgical spirits and cotton wool. It has no electricity and clean drinking water must be fetched from the nearby well everyday...A child carrying a water container wades through the river, which is choked with rubbish and used by many to defecate in. During the rainy season the river, clogged up by the city's rubbish which flows downstream, often floods and the stagnant water become a breading ground for disease and malarial mosquitos...© 2007 Aubrey Wade. All rights reserved.