Indonesia: Comfort Women by Jan Banning

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Dominggas (born 1928) was one of tens of thousands of 'comfort women' forced into prostitution by the Japanese military during World War II..A Japanese retaliatory action on October 5, 1944, in the village of Emplawas resulted in a mass slaughter. In the process, about 800 villagers were murdered, including Dominggas' parents and four younger brothers and sisters. She was taken as part of the spoils of war and as a 16-year-old girl forced into prostitution for almost a year in a military brothel, along with 12 other village girls. "They called me Mikori. During the day we had to thresh corn and talked among ourselves about who had been killed and possibly was alive still. At night in the room I was forced. I didn't want to. It was always the same Japanese guy." After the Japanese surrender, she returned to the village and was taken in by an uncle who had survived the slaughter. "My uncle had to take care of 20 family members, all girls. We had nothing, only coconuts." Later she married another survivor from the village. She lost her first child soon after giving birth and never got pregnant again. She adopted two children and now has 10 grandchildren and a few great-grandchildren. "The family is starting to grow again.".