Guarding Greenland by Mads Nissen

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A wooden hut in the abandoned village of Dundas. The abandon village of Dundas near Thule Air Base. Thule Air Base was established as an American military base in 1951 and is the US Air Force's northernmost base. During the cold War it employed over 10,000 people, mainly serving as a landing and refuelling strip for American bombers, lying halfway between the US and the Soviet Union's industrial heartland via the North Pole. Today, around 550 people work at the base with another 400 Danish and Greenlandic civilian staff. Dundas, in the far Northwest of Greenland, was originally an isolated settlement inhabited by Inuit but in 1910 Danish polar explorer Knud Rasmussen established a private trading post on the site and called it Thule after the mythical Greek land of Ultima Thule which alluded to the 'end of the world' or an unknown northern land. In 1951, the United States secured permission to build the Thule Air Base and all the residents of Dundas were forcibly removed and resettled 130 km north of Dundas in a new town called Qaanaaq. Until recently, Inuits were banned from the site of the abandoned settlement of Dundas but recently the area has become available again.