Greece: Immigrants Oddyssey by Giorgos Moutafis

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Greece/ Agathonisi /April 17,2009.  During a night patrol in Agathonisi island, men of the Greek Coast Guard apprehend a boat with 16  immigrants, who were trying to cross the Aegean Sea. During the night long operation, they had to shoot to the engine of the speedboat and two smuglers were arrested. Agathonisi which has their destination is less than 9 miles away from Turkey. The Greek-Turkish (sea and land) borders are of particular interest as they constitute, today, the main entry route to southeast Europe for thousands aliens. Groups of bedraggled men, women and children from as far away as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia and various countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa arrive daily with the hope to find a better future. Hundrends have drowned in the Aegean Sea, that has come to be characterized as an aquatic grave for immigrants. Giorgos Moutafis