Going Hungry in the UK by Kieran Dodds

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The gas meter at the house of Kevin (52) and Angela Turner (51).<br />
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We were putting all our money on the electricity and gas…. If there was food in the house I made sure the other three was eating and starve myself, which according to my consultant [doctor] was not a good move. I was having to put more money on that, than what's in my sons belly…. For you to take your tablets you’ve got to eat- If you don’t eat you’ll have a ruptured hernia or something even worse you could bleed…. I spoke to the school and they said go to the foodbank.  And for two months I wouldn't go. I won't go cap in hand, I'm already sponging off society, in my eyes.  And she said Not with what you’'ve got - you banged your head, you've got to take your handouts'…. We only went the once [to the foodbank], about a month ago. It put pressure on us, the wife and I were arguing.  My eldest went to army careers office and said I'm 13 and I want to join the army. -- Why do you want to go in the army? -- He said Well I want to give back to this country what its given me.  …. At one stage I told my eldest son, he was watching a bit of telly with me and I said You know what? When you've gone to bed you'll find me dead in this chair'. He said Why?. I said See all those tablets up there? I am taking the flaming lot. Of course he wouldn't go to bed till dad went to bed. You’re going to sleep on it and tomorrow morning, everything will be fine.… Just after using the food bank I felt suicidal, I thought for a guy to be embarrassed like that…. I felt more lower after using it than before, it was like - I have let the family down…. I know what it's like to starve. I know what it's like to starve for three days. Every week. Sometimes it was five days. Even now, I have just a sandwich…. I've had epilepsy since 1985 when I had a push bike accident and wasn't wearing a helmet. It got really bad so I had to go unemployed. I used to be a chef back in the 1990s at Butlins [holiday resort].