Finding Elvis by Bjoern Steinz

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Elvis Causevic in Sarajevo. Elvis, originally form the city of Foca, fled the 1992 war in with his mother, sister and grandmother. They travelled for 18 days through the Bosnian mountains until they reached safety at the refugee camp Varazdin in Croatia where they stayed for three years before leaving for Munich in Germany. <br />
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In 1992 while volunteering at the Varazdin refugee camp Panos photographer Bjoern Steinz met and became close to Elvis, a Bosnian Muslim refugee, and his family. They shared the hardships of camp life together which Steinz documented. While the prints were archived for many years two of the images always returned to Bjoern's thoughts. 25 years later he set out to try and find out what had happened to Elvis and his family in the intervening years. Modern social media made the task surprisingly easy and they were reunited in Hadzici where Elvis now lives with his family.