DR Congo at 50 by Stephan Vanfleteren

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Ilia Bambe, former cafe owner: 'I had three bars. Good days in good times. The Elite bar, the Matete bar and the Pumuzika bar, which means 'rest a while'. The businesses did well. I sold Primus and Skoll beer. I have 24 children. Four have already died. One of them was caught by the 'Crocodile Man' who lives on the bottom of the Congo River. Now and again he comes to the surface and drags people into the water. There are many of them. Water magic. He can take the form of a snake or hippopotamus. They can capsize a pirangue. That's what happened with my son. A fisherman saw how he was taken down under the water. My son's body was found 125 kilometres downstream. He was still wearing only his T-shirt and his underpants. We buried him in peace in Yngambi-Lokele.'.