DR Congo at 50 by Stephan Vanfleteren

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In the words of General Malick: 'Perhaps we actually needed war. It's the war after all that brought us elections and democacy. The Congolese are extraordinary people. They put up with so much but are still happy. When Mobuto first came to power everything was going well and there were things to celebrate. Now there's no reason to celebrate, but people continue to enjoy themselves. My dream for the Congo is for an ex president, just someone simply who hasn't been assassinated, who hasn't gone to live in exile, who hasn't had any reason to go and live in exile, who doesn't have to illegally stay in power, but who can continue to live here peacibly at the end of his term. Do you know we only ever had one single minister who's voluntarily stepped down from power.  The rest hang on for dear life.'