Chile: Trapped Miners Own Pictures

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© Edison Pena / BBC Panorama / Panos Pictures..Pictures taken inside the San Jose mine in Chile where 33 miners were trapped for 69 days. Edison Pena was the 12th miner to be freed and the first to return home from hospital...The Chilean miner who went jogging down pitch-black tunnels during the 69 days while he awaited rescue said yesterday that he had been 'fighting to live'..He ran every day to beat what he saw as a malevolent mountain trying to crush his spirit, he explained...Edison Pena, 34, became known to his colleagues as 'the runner'. 'I ran because I had fury in my chest,' Pena said. 'I ran with a wind-up battery torch on my head, but it kept cutting out and I would be in darkness. That was the worst time.'.Pe-a's obsession with 'beating the mountain' began to worry officials and relatives on the surface. Angelica Alvarez, his girlfriend, became concerned for his mental health when he started pulling heavy machinery behind him as he ran..The miner said he believed the mountain was 'holding us prisoner' and that his only hope of survival was to make himself stronger. 'In the early days the mountain was telling us, "You will die and die slowly and thereÕs nothing you can do",' he said..'Do you know what it is like to cry with terrible hunger? Do you understand the pain?'