Bolivia: Goddesses of the Ring by Ivan Kashinsky

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From left: Julia la Pacena (fighting name), Remedios Condori Ajsara (real name); Carmen Rosa (fighting name), Polonia Ana Choque Silvestre (real name); Remedios la Misteriosa (fighting name), Clara Felicidad Reyes Ross (real name); Yolanda La Amorosa (fighting name), Veraluz Cortez (real name); Silvina La Poderosa (fighting name), Johana Silva Huanapaco Vilela (real name). These five women are members of the wrestling group Las Diosas del Ring. They practice at the back of Polonia's home. They are Cholitas, wrestlers of native Aymara descent. When a Cholita fights she wears traditional costume: a colourful dress and a dark bowler hat..