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Aida changes the clothes of her one year old son Haron in the morning inside her temporary house where they are living with her parents and her husband. <br />
Aida, a 21 year old mother of two small children, was captured with her one year old son and two year old daughter by Islamic State (IS) fighters in Sinjar when IS invaded the city in August 2014. During her two months in IS captivity she was moved around frequently to various towns in the region. They were often beaten and one day an IS fighter pointed a gun to her daughter's face. 'One day I stole a mobile phone at the IS house and called my family.... My husband asked one of his Muslim friends to help him rescue me.... When everything was ready I ran away from the IS house and was rescued by my husband's friend one km from where I was captured. My family paid $ 4,000 to two people who picked up myself and my children and drove us to a safer area. We lost everything.' Aida is now living with her parents in a small house they are renting near Dohuk. Her mother in law is still in IS captivity. Her father was killed in front of her by IS fighters.