Thailand: Bankoks green Lung by Luke Duggelby

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What Bang Kra Jao looks like from a skyscraper in Bangkok, a low lying area of trees with virtually no signs of inhabitants. Opposite Bang Kra Jao is an industrial area that stores oil and gas for Bangkok..When Bangkok is viewed on Google Earth you will see a large black area of nothing. This is Bang Kra Jao, a 2000 hectare green oasis of jungle, mangroves, canals and fruit farms. Located just across the Chao Praya River from a vast mass of development and sky scrapers that is Bangkok, Bang Kra Jao remains almost totally untouched by development. In 1977 the Thai government budgeted about US$80 million to turn Bang Kra Jao in to a tourism haven, envisioning beach resorts and lucrative tourist facilities. Modelled on Singapore's Sentosa Island parks were mapped for protection, a flood wall was installed, and then the scheme stalled. Decades on, this largely forgotten oasis remains a treasured retreat for nature lovers and chilled-out locals.