Own the night by Jared Moossy

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Scratchy and distant numbers shout out in frantic equations and combinations; keys turn and the sounds of the engine mingle with frenzied directions and disturbing descriptions. .?Vamos hay un meurto,? says Antonio as we speed around the corner in his 1965 Volkswagen Beatle as he chases the blood and the confusion that encircles Mexico city like the mountains.  Antonio Santillan, 49years old, is part of a community of reporters called Once, named after the start of their graveyard shift.  Working as reporters for daily papers such as Sol de Mexico, Prensa, Universal and many others Antonio and his colleagues wait for dispatches from their publications, the police, the medics and each other to fly through the night chasing events that would ordinarily maybe make a small dents in our news. However in Mexico, the hottest issues that make the front pages are the blood and gore from the night before. They showcase the events as if they were new movies just hitting the box office. The reporters of once have dedicated themselves to a lifestyle of insomnia and blood, little money but a feeling of excitement, curiosity, and owning the night...Federal police escort a criminal arrested for weapons cache and twenty thousands dollars cash in the trunk of his car. Mexico City, Mexico