Malaysia: Bio Fuel vs Rainforest by James Witlow Delano

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Balang Weng surveys a logging road barricade on another separate logging road, built the previous month by the residents of Long Kelamu await logging trucks from Samling Global Ltd. who they hope to prevent entering virgin Borneo rainforest between the Penan settlements of  Long Kelamu and Long Sabai.  .According to Forbes Magazine, Samling's father & son owners, Yaw Teck Seng & Yaw Chee Ming have an estimated worth of US$ 480 million.  According to Survival International, there are roughly 10,000 to 12,000 traditionally nomadic Penan living in the forests of Sarawak now in settled communities.   The per capita GDP in Malaysia is US$ 6,970 (World Bank).  Even if, taking the upper figure of 12,000, all the Penan people earned the per capita GDP of US$ 6970, which these forest dwellers who are only marginally participating in the cash economy certainly would not, the entire population of the Penan people would earn US$ 84 million per year, less than 20% the net total worth of the two tycoon owners of Samling Global Limited.