Iraq by Eros Hoagland

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Village elders of Halaichiya gather to greet western reporters, possible the first westerners to visit their village in recent memory..Halaichiya is a small village at the headwaters that join the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Basra province, Iraq. The case of Halaichiya is rare in Iraq as they are a community where US troops have never set foot, much less have any westerners at all in recent memory. The residents have an insulated perspective of the US led invasion and the events that followed, and they generally believe that all is working well in the rest of Iraq. Halaichiya is a very small fishing community that also dabbles in smuggling as they are less than 25 kilometers from the Iranian border. Of grave concern to residents of the rivers here, is the drastically low level of the water, due to severe draught and the damning of the the Tigris River far north of Basra province.