England: As I See It by Robin Hammond

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Photographs taken by 27 year old Sarah Ridout, from Exeter who, at the age of 23 was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism. "Reflecting on things, I can now relate some of my educational experiences to having autism. Whilst at school and college I, like many others with the condition, was bullied a great deal, often in PE and sports. I was always picked last, I found it really difficult to play games with other children at break times and they would refuse to let me join in. I find it funny now, because I am proud of my achievements. I can do whatever I want to in life, even with Aspergers. I just might do some things differently or need time to learn. I work for Devon and Cornwall Police and manage a team of people who gather and input crime data. In my role, I rely on communication and social skills not typically associated with people with autism. People with autism experience it in very different ways but are also individuals first and foremost. I hate stereotyping. I live a varied life and have many friends and hobbies, including being a Woodcraft Folk group leader. My friends feature a lot in my photos because they are important to me and I prefer to spend time with them rather than be on my own. My other shots are of my training gear. I am a keen runner and completed the London marathon earlier this year. I have come a long way since being picked last in PE!" Everyone can be placed on the autism spectrum. The word 'spectrum' is used because, while all people with autism have difficulty with social communication, with social interaction and wit