China in Sudan by J.Carrier

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TUTI ISLAND, KHARTOUM, SUDAN. June 09, 2007.   Known locally as "Khadaffi's Egg" the Libyan funded 5 star Al Fatih Hotel is a symbol of the new Khartoum winessing a never before seen boom in development and foreign investment.  Along the shores of the Blue and White Niles a gleaming UAE style city is envisioned for the city which hopes to position itself as the Dubai of Africa.  Millions of dollars of oil money from Chinese and Asian companies which export some 80% of Sudan's oil production have begun flowing into the country since the completion of the first pipeline in 1999 and the signing of a cease fire agreement with the south in 2005.  Despite this new found wealth, Sudan remains one of the poorest countries in Africa with the vast majority suffering in abject poverty with little hope.